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Working in Flemish Brabant

Interesting opportunities for expats

The Bio-incubator provides multifunctional ventilated office and lab space, as well as general and technical, logistical and environmental-technical support to young R&D intensive companies with high growth potential in life sciences.

The region is traditionally characterized by a low level of unemployment and is in constant need of the most diverse profiles. This provides interesting opportunities for expats and their families. They are drawn to the many international institutions, the exceptional education landscape, solid service and manufacturing sectors, and numerous high-tech companies and start-ups. Engineering, healthcare and ICT, in particular, are constantly searching for international talent.

When looking for a job in Flemish Brabant, you can contact the Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training (VDAB). It has an extensive database of job vacancies, allows you to enter your resume online and offers additional advice and help.


Interested in working for the international institutions?

If you are interested in working for the international institutions or doing an internship, have a look at:

In addition, there are even more jobs available at the many multinational headquarters, agencies and interest organizations that closely interact with the international institutions. Good places to start your search are:

Some tips

  • Make friends
    The most effective way to get a scoop about an interesting job opening is to actually come here, attend some activities like workshops or conferences and expand your network.

  • Master languages
    Dutch language classes are very popular due to the hidden gems of jobs that are open to expats with some knowledge of Dutch. The 'Huis van het Nederlands' (House of Dutch) provides many options to fit your needs. Many expats increasingly choose to live in Oxfordian Leuven and commute to Brussels. Many of them take Dutch courses at ILT of Leuven University. ILT also offers a popular and intensive summer course.

  • Have a short and clear resume of no more than two pages with a cover letter. If you have no idea about resume standards in Belgium and Europe, a Europass CV will help you maneuver in our multicultural landscape. Just keep in mind that your own personalized resume with a photograph is always most appreciated as it showcases your creativity and skills. And finally, be proactive and try to meet your potential employer.

For practical information on living and working in Flemish Brabant and in other parts of Belgium, please visit workinflanders.vdab.be/more-on-belgium

Foreign companies wishing to employ someone in Belgium and foreigners wishing to establish themselves in Belgium in order to pursue a temporary or partial activity as a self-employed person can use the one-stop shop 'Working in Belgium: Limosa' site https://www.socialsecurity.be/foreign/en/employer_limosa/home.html

Living here while working

So how about the cost of living and life for your family? Most expats live in the municipalities surrounding Brussels and Leuven. Public transport is well developed and the average price of a house in Flemish Brabant is €240,529 while median rent is €549 a month. You can find a place to live on real estate websites or you can contact one of the many real estate and relocation agents.

If you are planning on staying for a long time, it might be a smart idea to enroll your children in schools with Flemish children. That way they will have a clear language advantage later in life and can serve as a bridge to get to know your neighborhood. A very good alternative -especially for expats staying for only a few years- are the many international schools in the area. Many instruct using the curricula from Britain, Japan, etc. International schools are mainly located in the area around Brussels, but there are also some in Walloon Brabant and Leuven. Below you will find a list of international schools in the area.

International schools

If you are interested in how surreal and wonderful life can be here, head on over to Fans of Flanders or De Rand and get your appetite going.