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Invest in Flemish Brabant

Big advantages

Flemish Brabant offers big advantages as a home base in Belgium and Europe for your company.


The KU Leuven Arenberg Castle and the imec tower. Leuven has a young population with more than 150 different nationalities; many people are drawn by its knowledge economy.

Flemish Brabant features:

  • Internationally renowned universities in Leuven and Brussels
  • Eminent research centers (imec, VIB, iMinds)
  • Numerous spin-offs and international joint ventures
  • Attractive science parks and incubators
  • A highly qualified, multilingual and creative workforce


The Multimodal Inland Container Terminal in Vilvoorde allows access to inland waterways as an alternative to road transport on the Rotterdam-Antwerp-Brussels axis.

In Flemish Brabant, a unique concentration of leading knowledge institutes and companies with vast international networks enables cutting-edge research and the development of innovative products and services.

Five clusters define the regional knowledge economy:

  1. Health
  2. Food
  3. Logistics
  4. Cleantech
  5. Media and Creative Industries

These five clusters are developed by Flanders Smart Hub (FSH). FSH helps you detect investment opportunities and find local business partners.

Download the brochure "Smart region in the heart of Europe" [PDF, 20 blz, 1,33 MB]


Werchter, one of the five biggest annual rock music festivals in Europe, can host 88,000 guests daily. Rock Werchter has received the ILMC Arthur award for best festival in the world five times. © Rob Walbers

Flemish Brabant is a lovely place to live in:

  • Friendly and multilingual population
  • Affordable housing prices
  • Cosmopolitan lifestyle
  • Lively arts and entertainment scene
  • Great culinary tradition
  • Strong presence of foreign companies and expat communities


The Brussels Airport region is the second economic growth pole in Belgium.

Encircling Brussels, Flemish Brabant has unique location features:

  • Home to Brussels Airport, Belgium's main international airport
  • A major junction of European roads and railways
  • Essential logistics hub for Belgium and Europe
  • Proximity to four main European markets (Germany, France, UK, the Netherlands)

Setting up your company in Flemish Brabant

The Leuven Creative Minds business center includes an incubator for gaming & digital entertainment.

Flemish Brabant is the preferred location of many investors to enter the Belgian and EU markets. This is because the region provides a range of resources and options to launch and nurture companies: