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Beyond national and European borders

The province links municipalities with the Flemish and Belgian governments and international partners.

The province of Flemish Brabant looks beyond national and European borders to understand challenges and opportunities in a globalizing world.

Particularly strong relations are being developed with innovative regions in neighboring countries and Scandinavia and with Chinese partner city Chengdu.

The province partners in European projects, facilitates exchanges with foreign partners and tries to optimize framework conditions for international cooperation.

European projects

The province of Flemish Brabant partners in and promotes European projects as a tool to develop the economy, the environment and the cultural and social fabric of the area, deepen smart specialization and find answers to global challenges.

European focus regions

Flemish Brabant works with regions, sectors and individual actors that match local strengths and needs. There is a strong focus on relations that promote excellence in life sciences and health, food, logistics, cleantech and creative industries.

International networking

The province of Flemish Brabant participates in European networks that facilitate exchange and cooperation with other top innovation and knowledge regions.


Since 2011 Flemish Brabant enjoys a privileged partnership with the Chinese city of Chengdu. Through our network, Belgian companies and people are able to enjoy favored treatment and access to economically strong and culturally rich China.