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Delegation from Chengu at the provincie of Flemish Brabant

Flemish Brabant has enjoyed a privileged partnership with the Chinese city of Chengdu since 2011. Through our network, Belgian companies and people are able to enjoy favored treatment and access to economically strong and culturally rich China.

Chengdu is located in the southwest of China and has more than 14 million inhabitants. It is an international hub for the vast Chinese domestic market and the world. Today's main export goods are iPads and Volvo's. However, the city is also known for its tourist appeal and laid-back atmosphere.

The province cooperates with Chengdu in five areas

  1. Increasing foreign investments
  2. Cooperation in life sciences, cleantech, logistics and creative technologies
  3. People-to-people exchanges
  4. Conservation of intangible heritage
  5. Including local communities in this international partnership


After just five years the project has already benefited an array of stakeholders such as:

  • Via Via Chengdu, a Belgian travelers cafĂ© which opened shop in the heart of Chengdu in 2012
  • Frascati Symphonic, an orchestra of youngsters that now tours Chinese cities with Chengdu as a base
  • Campus Group T (KU Leuven: University of Leuven) and UCLL (University College Leuven-Limburg) which have strengthened their ties with Chengdu higher education institutions and prospective students
  • Music groups such as The Herfsts & Five Days that got to participate in the Chengdu International Youth Music Festival and play before vast crowds of hip Chinese youngsters
  • Our cross-border partners within European projects including the City of Maastricht and the Dutch Province of Limburg who, together with Flemish Brabant, promoted the TTR-ELAt region as Europe's life sciences hub
  • And many other Belgian and Chinese actors who have made valuable contacts

Want to go Chengdu? Have a virtual peek and see what we're excited about

Contact - Gudrun Denhaen

Gudrun Denhaen

Gudrun Denhaen
Head Economy Department
Tel.: +32 16 26 72 92

Contact - Geert Regelbrugge

Geert Regelbrugge, Policy Officer Internationalisation

Geert Regelbrugge
Policy Officer Internationalisation
Tel.: +32 16 26 72 41