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Policy areas


The Biogenerator, an  incubation center, is the centerpiece of a new science park and the Feed Food Health campus in Tienen.

The province promotes the development of the regional economy with a strong focus on the knowledge economy and its top innovation clusters

Other activity fields include internationalization, social economy, the development of sustainable industrial sites and the local economy and retail.

The province partners in or co-funds relevant EFRO Objective 2 and Interreg projects, facilitates international missions with triple helix partners and builds international partnerships.

Education and training

The PISO provincial institute in Tienen offers vocational and technical education.

The province aims to maximize opportunities for all inhabitants to participate in quality education linked to both personal development and the needs of society. Activity fields include:

  • Management of provincial schools
  • Development, implementation and support of innovative education policy measures
  • Teacher training

The focus is on equal opportunities, the connection between schools and the labor market and openness to global issues.

The province partners in or supports Erasmus+ projects.

The Environment

Vast orchards in the Hageland region in the east of the province produce a quarter of Flanders’ total apple and pear harvest. © Luk Collet

The province contributes to a healthy and sustainable environment in Flemish Brabant. Activity fields include:

  • Environmental and climate policy development and implementation (aim: to become a climate neutral province)
  • Nature and environmental education
  • Support for local biodiversity, nature conservation, environmental and climate initiatives

The province partners in or supports relevant Life+, Horizon 2020 and Interreg projects.


The province of Flemish Brabant is developing a network of 15 bicycle highways that will complete the regional public transport network around Brussels.

The province monitors the impact of important mobility projects in the region and draws attention to slow traffic and public transport. It is an advocate for good accessibility in the region. Activity fields include:

  • Development and implementation of mobility policy with a focus on bicycle policy and on the accessibility of Brussels and the national airport (campaign Vlot Vlaanderen)
  • Funding of local bicycle initiatives and infrastructure
  • Advising and coaching of actors regarding sustainable mobility
  • Support for traffic safety initiatives

The province partners in or co-funds relevant Horizon 2020 and Interreg projects.

Agriculture and rural development

The province supports farmers and rural actors in the region to develop sustainable agriculture and enable rural areas to prosper. Activity fields include:

  • Research, support and dissemination (e.g. energy crops, erosion control, soft fruit, chicory, etc.)
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Promotion of the rural experience and of rural development

The province partners in, supports or facilitates relevant PDPO (EAFRD), Leader and Interreg projects.

Development cooperation

The province assumes its responsibility for tackling the challenges faced by less developed regions in the world. The province works with organizations that are regionally embedded and covers activity fields including:

  • Support of development NGOs and citizen initiatives working in the South
  • Support for education and advocacy in Flemish Brabant
  • Support for emergency aid actions
  • The promotion of fair trade


 Peter Dhondt

Peter Dhondt
Policy Officer International Cooperation
Tel.: +32 16 26 72 19