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About the province

Local government

The provincial council meets at least once a month.

The province of Flemish Brabant is a form of local government that links the 65 municipalities of the area and the Flemish and federal governments.

The democratically elected provincial council implements and develops economic, social and cultural policy, coordinates actions of local actors and funds projects of regional importance.

Policy areas

Key policy fields of international relevance include: economy, education and training, the environment, mobility, agriculture and rural development and development cooperation.

Democratic Government

The provincial council functions as the province's "parliament". Daily administration is carried out by a board of vice-governors. The provincial administration consists of approximately 750 civil servants.


Flemish Brabant is the youngest province in Belgium and Flanders, created on 1 January 1995. At the same time Flemish Brabant, inherited from the Duchy of Brabant, is actually a very old province where international interaction was as vital to prosperity as it is today.