Getting to know Flemish Brabant

In Flemish Brabant, life is good. The people of Flemish Brabant are highly-educated, prosperous, healthy and happy. To maintain and expand this prosperity - that is what the provincial government is happy to work towards, because of their love for the region.

Investing in Flemish Brabant

Flemish Brabant is a small province, offering big advantages as a home base in Belgium and Europe for your company.

Tourism in Flemish Brabant

Walking, cycling, culture? Flemish Brabant offers you the lovely art city of Leuven and two notable regions: the Green Belt and the Hageland.

Flemish Brabant in Europe

There are a number of good reasons for looking at Flemish Brabant in a European light.

Youth Accommodation Hanenbos

Hanenbos is an accommodation centre for young people surrounded by nature, situated in central Flemish Brabant and close to Brussels. Youth groups and schools are the primary target groups, but also other organisations are welcome here.