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Getting to know Flemish Brabant

Love for the region

Study after study proves it: in Flemish Brabant, life is good.

Democratic government

The provincial government is elected for a period of six years.

A form of local government

The provincial government is a form of local government. It is the link between the municipalities and the Flemish and federal government.


Flemish Brabant is situated in the heart of Flanders, Belgium and Europe and it encircles Brussels, the capital of Europe.


Flemish Brabant is the youngest province, created on 1 January 1995 from the division of Brabant into Brussels, Walloon Brabant and Flemish Brabant. At the same time Flemish Brabant, inherited from the Duchy of Brabant, is actually a very old province.

Coat of arms, flag and logo

The Brabant dukes used the image of the lion in their coat of arms as a symbol of courage and strength.
Besides the official coat of arms, the province of Flemish Brabant also has a young and contemporary logo that appears on all correspondence, publications and displays of the provincial government.