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Democratic government


The provincial government is elected for a period of six years: from 1 December 2012 to 30 November 2018. The provincial council elections will once again be held in 2018.


The provincial council

The provincial council of Flemish Brabant

The provincial council functions as the province's "parliament" and consists of 72 members. The council meets at least once a month.


The delegation

The delegation of Flemish Brabant

The delegation carries out the daily administration of the province. The delegation consists of six delegates who meet every week. Each delegate has a specific number of responsibilities.


The governor

The governor of Flemish Brabant

Lodewijk De Witte has been the governor of the province of Flemish Brabant from the time the province was created. The governor chairs the delegation. He is a commissioner of the Flemish and federal government and has a number of specific tasks such as the coordination of relief measures during major disasters.


The provincial registrar

The provincial registrar of Flemish Brabant

The provincial registrar is the secretary of the provincial council and the delegation. As head of staff he is responsible for the smooth operation of the provincial administration.


The administration

The provincial administration consists of approximately 750 civil servants. Most of them work in the Provincial House in Leuven, others in a provincial domain, an educational institution, etc.